How to wear colored contact lenses correctly?

How to wear colored contact lenses correctly?

How should contacts be worn properly?

When you first get your contacts, you may be eager to put them on your eyes. However, this may cause indirect eye damage. Before using newly purchased contacts, they must be soaked in contact lens solution for 6 to 8 hours. A buildup of bacteria could result in eye infections if you don't properly clean your contact lenses. Do you know how to put on cosmetic contact lenses properly?

Step one

Before putting on contacts, wash your hands. Prepare half of a napkin and thoroughly rinse the tweezers. Keep in mind to trim your nails, as untrimmed nails can damage contact lenses.

Step two

Put the lenses inside the case after removing them from the box. Fill the majority of the box with a cleaning solution. Screw the lid on. Shake gently for a few minutes. The potion is then poured out. Inject a fresh care solution. Then screw on the lid and give it a few shakes. Take note of the box indicating how to identify the front and back. First, read the usage instructions. The instructions for use explain how to wear contact lenses and provide safety precautions.

Step three

Preparation required before wearing contact lenses: Cleaning lenses. Cover the lid of the mirror box tightly, squeeze it with both hands, and shake it a few dozen times quickly. Then remove the lens, pour off the care solution, replace the lens, and add more care solution(This time, just cover the lens). Shake the locket several times. When you first learn how to wear contacts, you can practice in a mirror.

Step four

Holding the lens with tweezers, lift it upward along the case wall, place it on a napkin, and allow the napkin to absorb the water. Put the lens on your middle finger and use your right eye as an example. Upper and lower fingers gently prop up the eyelid, while the middle finger gently sticks to the eye with the lens. When the lens comes into contact with the eye, you feel a cool sensation and move it slightly up and down, allowing the eye to "suck" the lens through. After that, relax your fingers.

Step five

When removing lenses, don't forget to wash your hands. Use the left and right ring fingers to hold the eyes open. Use the middle finger to reach into the eyes and gently touch the lenses. Next, rub gently in the direction of the eye corners to remove the lenses. Finally, hold the lenses together with several fingers. After that, place them in the case, add the care solution, cover it, and shake them vigorously.

Contacts are simple to wear once you've mastered proficiency and can put them on and take them off without a mirror wherever you are.

Items to consider

  1. Please take the lenses out if there is irritation, check them again for dust or lint, rinse them with a full maintenance solution, and then put them back on.
  2. If there is a feeling of a foreign body, remove the lenses and check again to make sure they weren't worn backward. You should also give the lenses a quick rinse with a care solution.
  3. Never clean, disinfect, or store your contact lenses with anything other than contact lens care solution, including tap water.
  4. Do not put the lens back on right away if it does not enter the eye during the wearing process; instead, give it a thorough rinse.
  5. The upper and lower eyelids should be completely open to allow enough room for the lens to enter the eye.
  6. The fingers used to wear lenses shouldn't have too much water on them because if they do, the lenses will easily stick to the fingers and be difficult to wear into the eyes.
  7. To prevent lid alignment, do not open both box lids at once.
  8. Only after the lenses have been taken out can makeup be applied to the face, and only then can makeup be taken off the face.

Warp up

To protect your health, please take the necessary precautions when wearing your contact lenses.

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