A revolutionary innovation of colored contact lenses! Sixmoon® Colored Contact Lenses will bring you unprecedented experience by adapting and imitating your natural iris. The small diameter and fine pattern, allow these contacts blend perfectly with your own eyes. Without any limbal ring, the transition of color, helps to release your beauty with the most vivid and natural eyes.

6 Innovatory Points of Sixmoon® Colored Contact Lenses

1. My Eyes But Better - Revolution of Colored Contacts

Sixmoon® gives you Iris Series Colored Contact Lenses. Designed with daily style in mind, this series complements multiple skin tones and eye colors. With simulation of human’s real eye, these lenses create you a super natural but much better everyday look.

2. CE and FDA Qualified Material

Concerning of your safety, all of our contacts carry CE mark and are FDA approved, conforming to international qualitative medical standards.

3. UV Blocking

Isolating effectively the ultraviolet light that causes eye diseases, giving your eyes more protection.

4. High Oxygen Transmission Rate

Advanced soft lenses allow a significant amount of oxygen to pass through the lens to the cornea, which helps to maintain a high level of moisture of the eye.

5. Against Protein Stains

Materials of high quality effectively avoid protein precipitation, making lenses soft and comfortable to wear.

6. Yearly Disposable

The high standard allows our lenses a durability of up to 12 months with the comfort comparable to daily disposable contact lenses.