Teach you to choose the right contact lenses for you

Teach you to choose the right contact lenses for you

Many first-time wearers do not know how to choose beautiful contact lenses. This often results in expensive but still uncomfortable contact lenses. In fact, you haven't chosen the best contact lenses for your eye condition. After reading this article, I believe you have learned how to choose the right contact lenses.

1. Hydrogels
Easy maintenance and absorption of protein and lipid deposits.
Many NAP ingredients have been added to the hydrogel material.
High softness and cleanliness.
Not easy to produce tear protein lipid deposition.
Ideal for sensitive eyes
2. Silicone Hydrogel
Silicon molecules are added to the hydrogel material, and there are natural pores between the silicon molecular materials, allowing oxygen to pass freely. The oxygen permeability is 4-5 times higher than that of hydrogels.
The lens surface is smoother, moisturizing and breathable.
Lenses are more comfortable.
Good oxygen permeability, suitable for long-term wear.
Suitable for customers with dry eyes.
Most SIXMOON tinted contact lenses are made of silicone hydrogel

water content
Note: Higher Moisture Does Not Mean Better

Reason: After wearing high-humidity lenses, it will be more moisturizing and comfortable. However, after wearing contact lenses for a long time, the contact lenses themselves lose water through evaporation. To maintain the original moisture level, it is a spongy polymer structure that absorbs moisture from the eyeball, causing dry eyes.
Low water levels can cause insufficient pupillary breathing, which can lead to hypoxia and red blood vessels.

Conclusion: Low water content lenses are recommended for dry eye patients

replacement cycle
1. Everyday Lenses
Advantages: high water content, good air permeability, high comfort, easy to use, safe and hygienic, no after-sales service required.
Disadvantages: long-term use, limited lens power and color, poor lens formability, too soft to use
2. Weekly, monthly, semi-annually
Short cycle, high cost performance
3. Shot of the Year
Advantages: high cost performance, low water content, not easy to dry, many color options
But note: pay attention to hygiene, it is recommended to wear it for 8-10 months.

So I suggest: buy the annual lens (used for one year), you can choose a lot of styles and colors, and the price is relatively high. Among them, the price, material and style of SIXMOON's colored contact lenses are the leaders in this industry! I suggest everyone to find out.