About Us

Sixmoon® is your convenient and affordable brand contact lens webstore and we offer our service worldwide. We know the health benefits of contact lenses can be overshadowed by the costs, so we’re committed to providing the lowest price and most convenient service available anywhere.

We offer precision branded contact lenses prescribed by your ophthalmologist and save up to 65% off retail costs. In addition to purchasing contact lenses from your eye care provider, we offer a convenient alternative: ordering from Sixmoon®, you can have your lenses delivered directly to your home or office.


Our team is from America's heartland, and we're happy to help you save on contact lens bills while providing high-quality customer service

Our Satisfaction Guarantee
Sixmoon® guarantees that you will receive the exact contact lenses that you have been prescribed. Each prescription will be verified, checked by our quality control team and then shipped sealed in the manufacturer's sterile packaging and free of all manufacturer defects.

Sixmoon® is committed to your 100% satisfaction, we will provide the best quality and value. We strictly control each pair of glasses using precision instruments to ensure your comfort and safety. We have been supplying high-quality tinted contact lenses to the major brands you know, now we are not only a manufacturer of tinted contact lenses, but also a retailer, we will enter the market with excellent quality and service that will satisfy you, please expect!

Sixmoon® is your reliable source for your brand contact lenses replacement. We strive our best to provide exceptional convenience, reliable, safe ordering and outstanding customer’s service to all our customers worldwide.